Week 3 - Got Me Seeing Red. / by Trelina Anderson

Hello Friends!

So week 3 of the Dogwood Photography 52 Week Photography Challenge was "Artistic: Red" and I was shocked at how difficult it ended up being! 

I had initially conceived of doing something with apples. I love apples, my kids love apples, my husband thinks apples are pretty groovy, too, so it seemed like the most natural composition for our family. I went to the market and bought a ton of red apples - I think they were all Red Delicious - in as uniform a size as possible. I also bought an orange and a grapefruit, because I couldn't decide between the two.

My thought was to have the red apples all arranged in formation, with the citrus fruit (one or the other, I still hadn't decided) somewhere in the mix.  Sadly, once I got home, I saw that someone else had also used apples, and had done so beautifully. 

Back to the drawing board.... It's a good thing we like apples!

Luckily, it was still somewhat early in the week, so I had time to brainstorm. Unfortunately, for some reason, the only thing I could think about was my abandoned apples. Oh whoa was me!

However, after discussing it with my good friend, Angela, I came up with an idea.  

Every girl needs a good red lipstick in her purse...or three.

Those who know me know that I am a make-up junkie! This is only a small sampling of the shades I currently own and use, but I didn't want to overwhelm anyone. Red is a powerful color, after all!

Another attempt that I ultimately decided not to use, for various reasons. 

I wanted this image to have the look and feel of a 1970s print ad, the kind I would see in my mother's beauty and fashion magazines when I was a little girl, so I polished up the tubes, used two bare flashes, and aimed the flashes directly (mostly) at the tubes - with one flash set at a higher power than the other. I also kept the image a bit "cool" in post-processing, and gave it the tiniest bit of a matte effect. I am really happy with how this turned out!

I liked this challenge a lot, and even though I stumbled a bit with it, it ended up being a lot fun. I really enjoy collaborating on projects, and brainstorming with another photography friend did not disappoint. Thanks again, for your help, Angela! 

Check back next week for Portrait: Head Shot!